"UKC PR Peterson's JellyBean"

Foreverbroke Kennel

 Just because we are "Foreverbroke" doesn't mean we lack class;
     Our dogs are top of the line.....Kickass!!!
     Big heads, thick necks, awesome bodies--Got That!
     Bred for Quality, Loyalty, Intelligence;
     Our dogs are the epitome of elegance.

Welcome to Foreverbroke Kennels.
Yes, it is true, my life has gone to the dogs (pits that is)!!! We are a small up and coming kennel located in the beautiful town of Jefferson, Texas. We raise our dogs with pride and lots of TLC.

Good Day; My name is Tammy and I am an American Pit Bull Lover..

I know that I'm not alone,that there are thousands just like me, who wake up every morning to the sound of a flipped upside down bulldog snoring peacefully on your pillow. When his eyes open up it is true love all over again 'cause he is so excited to see you!! Not to mention the fact that an 80 pound Pit can and will root you right out the bed!! Such excitement so early in the morning can only make you smile and wonder in amazement about this beautiful creature: The American Pit Bull Terrier.

Most of our dogs are ADBA registered and/or UKC. They have wonderful temperments, excellent bloodlines (if you like the big dogs). Our main bloodline consists of Billingsley, Hammond, Plumber, and Watchdog. Our JellyBean is UKC PR and is of Pierce and Castillo bloodline. We have stud service available. All of our males are proven studs. The price is 500.00 and I do not want pick pick of the litter. But I do want to see pups when they are born. Our boys are known for fathering LARGE litters(9-14 pups at a time). Make sure your female is clean with vet health papers proving free from diease, current on vaccinations, wormings, ect.... Call for appointment prior to heat.

All of our dogs are LOVED very much.

None of our dogs are sold or intended to be used in any illegal activity. We have no tolerance for animal cruelty.

Meet The Boys

"This is Tanner Bull" He is available for stud.

"This is JellyBean" He is available for stud.

"This is Bodie Bull" He is available for stud.

"This is Travellour" He is available for stud.

"This is 2-Phat" He is NOT available for stud.
"This is Tail-ur" at 5 mos. 58 pounds!!!!WOW

Meet The Girls

"This is Sek/C Shebul"

"This is Rusty"

"This is Mya"

Billingsley's Pit Bulls

This section is for a really good friend of mine, who introduced me into the "Everything from here on out will have teeth prints on it" world of Pit Bulls. Thank you, Debbie :)

If she had not introduced me to light buckskin puppy in 1994, not only would I have missed out on meeting a couple of really nice people, I would have missed out on getting the chance to own a couple of fantastic dogs.
These are her dogs.....This is where we got our start.

Click on thumbnail to view larger image.
"Billingsley's Shianne, Jake, and Chynna" "Nap time for Shianne!!" "Billingsley's Jake...This is Shebul's TWIN brother!!" "Billingsley's Alexus and Shianne...Alexus is Tanner's mom"


Puppies are here!!!!!
Pups were born on Jan. 31,2007 They are now 5 mos. old....
Puppies are 500.00
For More Info Call: 903-665-9685

"This is Mini. She is a black brindle."
"This is 4 of the ladies Mini, Liki, Mya, and Honey. "

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